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Special Session on Collaborative Learning for Interactive and Long Term Retrieval in Multimedia Databases

23 Novembre 2010

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

Special Session on Collaborative Learning for Interactive and Long Term Retrieval in Multimedia Databases (CLILTR)

9th International Workshop on Comtent-Based Multimedia Indexing
13-15 June 2011, Madrid, Spain

Machine learning techniques are now widely used in Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI) systems to bridge the semantic gap. Most of these methods are designed around a single user, who is invited to build a query made of image annotations. Depending on the difficulty of the searched concept, the user gives more and more annotations, until he is satisfied by the results. In such a scenario, better retrieval systems are those which return better results with less annotations.

Then, once such systems are deployed, many users perform their searches independently. However, it is common that several users are looking for similar visual concepts. That means that a lot of knowledge can be shared among users. In other words, if previous users already found several concepts, a smart retrieval system should take advantage of this previous knowledge in order to speed up the next retrieval sessions.

This problematic is poorly addressed by the content based multimedia retrieval community. The aim of this special session is to first present the latest methods in this scope, but also to invite new researchers to address these learning problems.

Scope and topics

The scope of this session is to cover innovative indexing systems which break the single user paradigm. Such systems are facing many learning problems. In that case, the main question is how to efficiently combine these learning tasks to improve the results. A first example would be the collaborative learning of a single concept and a second one the long-term learning of unknown concepts.

The special session seeks for papers describing original work in the following areas:

  • multi-users retrieval systems
  • collaborative learning of a single concept
  • long-term learning of unknown concepts
  • fusion of retrieval sessions
  • concepts discovery
  • active learning in collaborative learning context

The submissions to this session is open (that is, the authors should decide if the topic of their paper is more appropriate for a Special Session or for a regular track one) and will go through the same review procedure as regular papers. If fewer than the needed number of papers are selected, the Special Session will be canceled, and the accepted papers will be scheduled in regular sessions.

More detail on how to submit to special sessions:

Important Dates

Submission of full paper (to be received by): January 14, 2011
Notification of acceptance: February 25, 2011
Submission of camera-ready papers: March 11, 2011