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Color and Photometry in Computer Vision, Firenze, Italy,13 October 2012, in conjunction with ECCV 2012

17 Mai 2012

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

Title: Color and Photometry in Computer Vision

Location: Firenze, Italy, in conjunction with ECCV 2012.
Date workshop: 13 October 2012
Submission Date: 1 July 2012



We are soliciting original contributions that address a wide range of theoretical and application issues including:

  • Theory: Color spaces, reflection models, scattering models, light transport, multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, and polarization models, appearance analysis, color appearance models.
  • Sensors: Imaging systems, active illumination systems, spectrum and polarization sensing, light probes, shape and material scanners, radiometric and colorimetric calibration.
  • Image/Video Processing: Filtering, enhancement, feature detection, and segmentation informed by color and/or photometry; white balance ; relighting, image decomposition via intrinsic images, specularity removal, and shadow removal, color texture, colorization.
  • Material, Object, Scene, and Video Recognition: Photometric invariants, color invariants, material recognition, lighting estimation, shape estimation, color saliency, color constancy, color descriptors and matching.
  • Vision Science: Material perception, shape perception, lighting perception, lightness and color perception.