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11th International Workshop IEEE ECMSM2013

12 Novembre 2012

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

11th International Workshop IEEE ECMSM2013 (Electronics, Control, Measurement, Signals and their application to Mechatronics).

Date : 24th-26th June  2013
Location : Toulouse (ENSEEIHT).



Organized by: Organization team from LAPLACE, LAAS, LATT, University of Liberec



Computer Engineering, Electronics, Information Sciences and Mechanical Engineering are the essential disciplines in Mechatronics and Robotics leading to powerful, compact and ever smarter systems. Their evolution relies on progress in all these complementary scientific and technological fields.

This workshop provides an international forum for the exchange of ideas, discussion on research results and the presentation of theoretical and practical applications in these domains. This conference is the expression of the shared ambition on the part of the Toulouse University (France) and the Liberec Technical University (Czech Republic) to publically present their common scientific research.

Due to the constant evolution, ECMS became an international event in 2011 (involving 10 countries). Since that time, the ECMS workshop has been co-sponsored by the Technical Council on VLSI (TCVLSI) of the IEEE Computer >Society.

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