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NIPS for Bioacoustics

17 Septembre 2013

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

NIPS for Bioacoustics Joint to int. conf. on Neural Information Processing Systems [NIPS 2013]
10th of dec. - Nevada - USA


Bioacoustic data science aims at analyzing and modeling animal sounds for neuroethology / biodiversity assessment. However, given the complexity of the collected data along with the different taxonomies of the different species and their environmental contexts, it requires original approaches. The increased expectations from bioacoustic research have been coincident with a dramatic increase in the spatial, temporal and spectral scales of acoustic data collection efforts. One of the most promising strategies concerns neural information processing and advanced machine learning.

Topic of interest includes:

  • Bioacoustic Big Data
  • Semisupervised classification
  • Biosonar marine mammals / chiroptera
  • Structuration of animal sound (insect / bird / mammals / ...)
  • Submarine biocoustics
  • Passive acoustic tracking
  • Biodiversity by bioacoustics, ...

Recordings / material on possible topic of interest are available from challenges and neurosonar web pages at


  • Extended abstract for regular paper submission deadline (1 page.pdf sent to Oct 13th, 2013
  • Acceptance decisions: Oct 23th
  • Camera ready paper due (NIPS format): Nov 23th
  • Challenge 2 start: Sept 10th (whale song representation)
  • Challenge 1 start: Sept 25th (bird song classification)
  • Challenges end: Nov 20th
  • Challenge short working note submission: Nov 15th
  • Final Working note (NIPS format): Nov 22th