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27 Septembre 2013

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

OCOSS’2013 aims at taking stock of recent projections and future developments of research and technologies related to sea and ocean observation.

It is also an opportunity to pursue -at an European level- the targets put forward in the Aberdeen declaration or -at the French level- in the "Grenelle de la mer".

Nice - Côte d'Azur, 28-31 oct. 2013.



It offers a broad spectrum covering physical oceanography (waves, tide, currents, hermocline, salinity, turbidity, ...) and marine geoscience, meteorology and climatology, monitoring of the environment and the coastal ecosystem as well as the optimization of fishing resources, assistance with exploration and exploitation of the oceans (offshore oil rigs, marine energy: tides, wind, oil spills, ...). The cartography of sea-beds (bathymetry, imagery, geology, ...), space oceanography and underwater robot-like systems are of primary importance. Other relevant topics include command and detection systems for control of civil and naval forces' sea traffic.

The general topics of this conference will be organized around the following research topics (unexhaustive list):

  • Sensors for Environmental Ecosystem Assessment: Multiscales & Multi-physics Models,
  • Sensors for Green-Energy: Off-shore Wind-Farm, hydrolic energy,
  • Bio-sensors for real time monitoring of bio-hazard and man-made chemical pollution,
  • Innovative multifunctional sensors for in-situ monitoring of marine environment and related maritime activities,
  • Operating Environment Assessment for EM, EO/IR & Acoustic Sensors,
  • Remote Sensing Technics, Processing and Data management,
  • METOC (Meteorology Oceanography) Systems,
  • Underwater, Onshore/Offshore & Airborne Observation Platforms,
  • Maritime Safety & Security Surveillance Systems (Sea and Harbors),
  • Awareness system and risk management,
  • Rules of Access to the Frequency Spectrum,
  • Innovative antifouling materials for maritime applications
  • Innovative transport and deployment systems for the offshore wind energy sector, [...]

OCOSS’2013 will also focus on subjects developed by various local laboratories and research centres:

  • Measurement Instruments for field experimentation (space, airborne, ...),
  • Maritime risk modeling,
  • Multi-scale and multi-physical models for the evaluation of environmental ecosystems,
  • Risk and Disaster management,
  • Physical conditions of the sea-air interface, […]