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4th International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications (IPTA 2014)

27 Novembre 2013

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

The fourth edition of the international Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications IPTA'14 aims at gathering challenging international researchers, innovators, educators, and practitioners in image processing theory and tools, for attending extensive educational high level materials, sharing their achievements, exchanging their experiences and discussing future orientations.

The conference will also offer an opportunity to fill the gap between image processing researchers and people working in other application fields such as doctors, radiotherapists and industrial parts. Closer link will be focused on between image processing algorithms and the way to implement these algorithms for best performances. To address these challenges and explore these new opportunities, the conference aims to provide an excellent forum for all experts in these areas to meet and discuss various important issues on image processing and applications.

Papers describing general surveys, image processing fundamental theory, specific medical imaging applications, advanced prototypes, tools and methodologies are welcomed. Extended papers describing original contributions are encouraged in the conference topics mentioned above. Special sessions papers, dedicated to different conference topics are also welcomed.



All accepted papers and presented by one of the authors will be indexed by IEEE Xplore, published in conference proceeding under an ISBN reference and in CD-ROM support.


Accepted papers are subject of selection by the following journals. Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality.

Conference Topics:

1. Image acquisition, coding and compression tools:

  • Images acquisition systems and information extraction,
  • Algorithm-architecture adequacy in image processing
  • Images processing tools
  • Images coding and compression
  • Geometrical Compression of 3D data,
  • Watermarking

2. Image processing and computer vision:

  • Image filtering and restoration,
  • Image enhancement techniques,
  • Image segmentation and detection,
  • Image clustering, classification and recognition,
  • Image modeling,
  • Estimation, representation and image analysis,
  • Multivariate image processing
  • Pattern recognition and shapes analysis,
  • Tracking and dynamical analysis,
  • Geometrical image description,
  • Features extraction and description,
  • Image interpretation and recognition in large image databases,
  • Statistical Learning methods for images classification,
  • Complex systems for images analysis.

3. Virtual and augmented reality, visualization and interaction:

  • Software architecture for VR and AR system
  • Real time modelling and animating virtual environments
  • Multimodal rendering (visual, haptic,…)
  • 3D interaction techniques and user assistance
  • Interaction based on tangible interface
  • 3D tracking based on hybrid sensors (vision, inertial, GPS,…)

4. Applications:

  • Content based image retrieval systems,
  • Biological and medical imaging,
  • Image processing for biological systems,
  • Visual information processing,
  • Romote sensing,
  • Biometric authentication, face and iris recognition,
  • Robotics applications,
  • Diagnosis optimization methods,
  • Medical imaging systems technology,
  • Classification tools for image-based diagnosis,
  • Vision systems