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Appel à Publication pour un numéro spécial "Detection, Prediction, and Visualisation of Changes on Earth Surface using Remote Sensing Data" du Scientific World Journal

26 Février 2014

Catégorie : Revues

Un numéro spécial du journal The Scientific World Journal va être consacré à la détection, prédiction et visualisation des changements à la surface de la terre utilisant des données de télédetection. L'appel à publication est accessible à l'adresse :


Call for Papers Special Issue on Detection, Prediction, and Visualization of Changes on Earth Surface using Remote Sensing Data of Scientific World Journal

Changes on earth caused by different factors are directly affecting humanity. Accurate prediction and identification of significant changes are of utmost importance for many applications ranging from natural resource control to disaster management. Recent developments in remote sensing technology have made it possible to continuously observe the earth at different temporal and spatial resolutions. Changes on the earth’s surface (as well as beneath the surface) can be identified with proper imaging modalities. Therefore, research on change analysis from multitemporal and multimodal data is of significant importance these days. In this special issue, we will focus on algorithms and systems for detecting, predicting, and visualizing significant changes on earth using remote sensing data. This includes change analysis and visualization on multitemporal data from visible/near infrared, thermal infrared, and active and passive type microwave sensors.

This special issue hopes to bring together contributions from specialists in geosciences, applied mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science that will advance the state-of-the-art technology in change analysis. Original research as well as review and survey articles are all welcome.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Data preprocessing to alleviate undesirable sensor characteristics and other disturbing effects before performing data analysis
  • Unsupervised/semisupervised/supervised change detection
  • Object based change detection
  • Change prediction
  • Change visualization
  • Applications and assessment of change detection