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ENS/INRIA Visual Recognition and Machine Learning Summer School

10 Février 2011

Catégorie : Ecole thématique

ENS / INRIA Visual Recognition and Machine Learning Summer School
ENS Ulm, Paris, France, 25-29 July 2011

Application deadline: May 1, 2010


The objective of this summer school is to provide an overview of some of the latest advances in visual recognition together with the related machine learning algorithms. The summer school will take place in central Paris at École normale supérieure (ENS Ulm). The courses will be given by the leading experts in the field and will be complemented by poster sessions and social events. Affordable student accommodations will be provided at the ENS campus.


  • Francis Bach      (INRIA/ENS)
  • Léon Bottou       (Microsoft)
  • Christoph Lampert (IST)
  • Ivan Laptev       (INRIA/ENS)
  • Jitendra Malik    (UC Berkeley)
  • Jean Ponce        (INRIA/ENS)
  • Cordelia Schmid   (INRIA)
  • Josef Sivic       (INRIA/ENS)
  • Andrew Zisserman  (Oxford Univ.)

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Application deadline

May 1, 2010