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Personal Media Archive Access + Personal Search Evaluation Workshops

16 Février 2011

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

Deadlines on Monday & Wednesday next week for ECIR workshops on personal information. Short-paper submissions welcomed.
This year's ECIR will host two half day workshops in the Personal Information Space on April 18, 2011: 2nd Information Access for Personal Media Archives Workshop Submission deadline: February 23, 2011 Personal Media Archive Access + Personal Search Evaluation Workshops, Submission deadline: 21 February, 2011
2nd Information Access for Personal Media Archives Workshop
Towards e-Memories: challenges of capturing, summarising, presenting,
understanding, using, and retrieving relevant information from heterogeneous
data contained in personal media archives.

Following on from last year's successful workshop - see proceedings at  or June 2010 SIGIR Forum report at -  we seek to
bring together researchers from diverse disciplines to exchange ideas on how
we can advance towards the goal of effective capture, retrieval and
exploration of e-memories. We are interested in the report of current work

- Development of new sensing devices and technologies to capture novel data
of personal interest
- Algorithmic research
- User studies on the real-life benefits of efficiently accessing personal
media archives
- Position papers on the place of personal media archive research within
information retrieval
- Proposals for research strategies in this area

See for more detailed information.

Evaluating Personal Search Workshop
This workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in working
towards standardized evaluation approaches for the personal search space.
Due to the large space that this covers, as a first step towards overall
standardized personal search evaluation this workshop will focus on
evaluation for the textual elements within personal desktop collections and
known item keyword queries for these elements.  An interactive forum for
researchers to share ideas and initiate collaborations will be provided,
with the explicit goal of establishing a means to evaluate personal search
algorithms and solutions in a comparable and repeatable way. It is also
intended to form a consortium of people at the workshop interested in
bringing this evaluation solution to fruition in the subsequent months.

See for more detailed information.