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Bristol workshop on image processing, high-dimensional stochastic simulation and optimisation

29 Juillet 2014

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

The registrations to the image processing workshop "High-dimensional Stochastic Simulation and Optimisation in Image Processing" is now open. Please follow the link to register:

The workshop will take place at the University of Bristol on 27-29 August 2014. For more information please see the webpage

Note that the workshop is funded by the SuSTaIn programme of the University of Bristol and therefore there is no registration fee. However, numbers are limited so those interested in attending are asked to register in advance.


The SuSTaIn image processing workshop "High-dimensional Stochastic Simulation and Optimisation in Image Processing" will take place at the University of Bristol on 27-29 August 2014.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together world experts in statistical image processing, computational statistics and optimisation to discuss the challenges related to performing high-dimensional inference for image processing, promote collaboration, transfer of ideas and methodologies, and identify opportunities for synergy.

The list of invited speakers includes (download the workshop programme):

  • Prof. Christophe Andrieu, University of Bristol (website webpage
  • Prof. Jose Bioucas-Dias, Technical University of Lisbon (website webpage)
  • Prof. Peter Green, University of Bristol - UT Sydney (website webpage)
  • Prof. Mario Figueiredo, Technical University of Lisbon (website webpage)
  • Prof. Florence Forbes, INRIA Alpes (website webpage)
  • Prof. Jean-François Giovannelli, University of Bordeaux (website webpage)
  • Prof. Steve McLaughlin, Heriot Watt University (website webpage)
  • Prof. Rafael Molina, University of Granada (website webpage)
  • Prof. Jean-Christophe Pesquet, University of Paris-Est (website webpage
  • Prof. Christian Robert, University of Paris-Dauphine (website webpage
  • Prof. Jean-Yves Tourneret, University of Toulouse (website webpage)

This workshop is organised by Marcelo Pereyra.