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Smart-BIODEV, session spéciale Biosignals 2016

14 Octobre 2015

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

Smart-BIODEV (Smart Biomedical Devices with Signal Processing Capabilities), session spéciale de la conférence Biosignals 2016 (21-23 Février 2016, Rome, Italie).

Deadline : November 23, 2015.



Prof. Aymeric Histace, Prof. Olivier Romain, ETIS, ENSEA, UCP, CNRS, Cergy, France.


Objective of this special session is to gather researchers in electronics and signal processing (including image processing) around the general topic of "Smart Embedded Systems" with application to in situ Health Monitoring.

This research has gathered interest of the scientific community for the last 15 years and has opened new strategies of development for the Real-Time, Low-Power, In-Situ monitoring of physiological parameters. This Special Session will be the occasion to have an up-to-date overview of the most recent research activities in the particular domain of smart embedded/implantable devices and related signal processing capabilities for biomedical applications, including new generation of sensors.

Webpage (the website is still under construction, but it allows interested people to submit their works)

Deadline : November 23, 2015.