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Scalable Radio Virtual Machine and Security for multi-RAT Reconfigurable Systems

22 Février 2016

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

International Workshop on “Scalable Radio Virtual Machine and Security for multi-RAT Reconfigurable Systems”

With ETSI as endorsing partner, b<>com holds an international Workshop on 10th of March 2016, b<>com, Rennes, France


This one-day event will address the Radio Virtual Machine concepts that can be viewed as an extension to the well-known Software Defined Radio (SDR) approach. So, specific improvements or entire several Physical layers can be embedded within a platform in a secure and controlled environment (virtual machine) combining software development with hardware accelerators for a more powerful processing. This principle can be viewed as a flexible and reconfigurable multi-RAT (Radio Access Technologies) system. Since all kinds of systems can be addressed, security aspects are very sensitive to this approach that needs advanced and robust strategies to prevent all malicious acts.

The workshop will include presentations by invited speakers as well as a specific session dedicated to exhibitions with HW & SW platforms.

For registration and workshop program, please visit the workshop website: