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VIth International Workshop on Representation, analysis and recognition of shape and motion FroM Imaging data (RFMI 2016)

2 Juin 2016

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

The sixth edition of the international workshop on Representations, analysis and recognition of shape and motion FroM Imaging data (RFMI 2016) will take place at the authentic village of Sidi Bou Said (north Tunis in Tunisia). The goal of the workshop is to promote interaction and collaboration among researchers working on static and dynamic shape analysis and their applications in scene understanding, computer animation, robotics, cultural heritage conservation and medical diagnostics. The rapid development of emerging imaging sensors technologies (3D/4D cameras, medical imaging devices, depth-consumer cameras, 3D/4D microscopy, etc.) is pushing forth new research directions to study imaged shapes as well as their motion for advanced modeling, statistical analysis and behavior understanding.

The perspective of the RFMI 2016 workshop will be to strengthen the relationship between the many areas that have as a key meet point, the study of shape and motion and the design of relevant geometric and computational tools. Thus, it will be a great opportunity to encourage links between researchers in the areas of computer vision, computer graphics, affective computing and medical imaging who share common problems and frequently use similar tools. RFMI 2016 will consist of three days of oral sessions, poster sessions and three international plenary invited talks.