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CFP for Special Session on Data Storage and Networking: IEEE 25th signal processing and communications applications conference

20 Janvier 2017

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

IEEE 25th signal processing and communications applications conference, 15-18 May 2017 // Antalya, Turkey.


Call for Papers for Special Session: Signal processing for data storage and networking

Scope and Motivation:

Data storage, lying at the heart of the information age, is the driving force of different high-tech devices of todays market that come in different form factors. Hard disk drives as well as recent advanced (NVMe ) flash memories, now occupying the racks of the giant data centers are serving the high performance computing needs of academia as well as the industry. In addition, massively scalable distributed storage networks have arisen to provide ubiquitous and high frequency access to data. New trends as well as the long existed archival technologies such as the high capacity LTO tape pose novel problems of storage complexity, density, reliability,efficiency and security. Signal processing and erasure/error coding techniques are the primary place to look for and propose effective solutions for such problems. The goal of this special session: Signal processing for data storage and networking is to bring together researchers, mathematicians and computer scientists to present novel/original/important work on emerging data storage applications.

  • Data storage channel modeling.
  • Signal processing, Equalization, synchronization and data detection methods for storage channels
  • Channel or noise characterization for magnetic recording, flash and emerging memory technologies
  • Signal processing for shingled writing and two dimensional magnetic recording
  • Information theory for data storage
  • Data processing and networking for next generation storage and communication channels
  • Big/cloud data processing and storage
  • Software defined storage, architectures and virtualization
  • Error/erasure correcting and modulation codes and massively parallel implementations.
  • Security and data compression for data storage
  • Novel and emerging storage technologies: Optical, holographic, DNA-based, quantum etc.
  • Energy-efficient and environment-friendly system architectures for data storage/networking.

For Paper Submission: Please send email to if you have any trouble in submission process.

Symposium Chair:

Şuayb Ş. Arslan, MEF University.