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The Emotional Impact of Movies Task at MediaEval 2017

13 Mars 2017

Catégorie : Compétitions et challenges

We are very pleased to invite you to participate to The Emotional Impact of Movies Task at MediaEval 2017.

This task is proposed to offer researchers a place to compare their approaches for the prediction of the emotional impact of movies.


Two scenarios are proposed as subtasks. In both cases, long movies are considered and the emotional impact has to be predicted for consecutive ten seconds-segments sliding over the whole movie with a shift of 5 seconds:

  1. Valence/Arousal prediction: participants’ systems are expected to predict a score of induced valence (negative-positive) and induced arousal (calm-excited) for each consecutive ten seconds-segments;
  2. Fear prediction: the purpose here is to predict for each consecutive ten second- segments whether they are likely to induce fear or not. The targeted use case is the prediction of frightening scenes to help systems protecting children from potentially harmful video content.

You will find further information at

We would highy appreciate if you could contribute your ideas and opinions by filling out the MediaEval 2017 survey:

For your information, early registration for participation in MediaEval 2017 tasks is now open at:

Teams write a 2-page paper for the working notes proceedings, and present their results at the MediaEval 2017 Workshop 13-15 September, Dublin, Ireland.

We need core participants for this task to be launched so if you think you are interested, please register as soon as possible.

The first data release will take place on 1 May. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to having you aboard The Emotional Impact of Movies Task at MediaEval 2017.

About MediaEval:

The Benchmarking Initiative for Multimedia Evaluation (MediaEval) organizes an annual cycle of scientific evaluation tasks in the area of multimedia access and retrieval. Areas covered include: multimedia retrieval, multimedia analysis, emotion, diversity, interestingness, images, video, music, social multimedia, large-scale image analysis, and multimedia for medical applications. For more information see and/or the 2016 report in IEEE Multimedia

Best regards,

On behald of the organizing team for the Emotional Impact of Movies task,
Emmanuel Dellandréa.