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Open-source release of the Topology ToolKit

1 Avril 2017

Catégorie : Logiciel

We are excited to announce the release of the Topology Tool Kit (TTK), an open-source library and software collection for topological data analysis in scientific visualization:


TTK can handle scalar data defined either on regular grids or triangulations, either in 2D or in 3D. It provides a substantial collection of generic, efficient and robust implementations of key algorithms in topological data analysis. It includes:

  • For scalar data: critical points, integral lines, persistence diagrams, persistence curves, merge trees, contour trees, Morse-Smale complexes, topological simplification;
  • For bivariate scalar data: fibers, fiber surfaces, continuous scatterplots, Jacobi sets, Reeb spaces;
  • For uncertain scalar data: mandatory critical points;
  • and more!

If you need to robustly analyze your acquired or simulated scientific data, you may want to use TTK.

* Check out our gallery page to see visualizations we obtained with TTK:

TTK makes topological data analysis accessible to end users thanks to easy-to-use plugins for the visualization front end ParaView. Thanks to ParaView, TTK supports a variety of input data formats.

* Check out our video tutorials to see TTK in action:

TTK is written in C++ but comes with a variety of bindings (VTK/C++, Python) and standalone command-line programs. It is modular and easy to extend. We have specifically developed it such that you can easily write your own data analysis tools as TTK modules.

* Check out our developer documentation:

TTK is open-source (BSD license). You can use it at your convenience, for open-source or proprietary projects. You are also welcome to contribute.

* Check out our contribution page:

If you have questions, need support regarding the usage of TTK, or just want to provide feedback, thanks for sending us an email at

We hope you'll enjoy TTK!

Dr Julien Tierny
CNRS Researcher
Sorbonne Universites UPMC - LIP6