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18 Octobre 2010

Catégorie : Journée d étude


1st CNES CCT workshop on passive reflectometry using radiocom space signal
1st December 2010 - Toulouse, France
Institut Aero Spatial

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The SPACE REFLECTO 2010 International Workshop on reflectometry will be held at the Institut Aero Spatial, Toulouse (F), December 1, 2010.

The workshop brings members of Space agencies together with researchers from allied fields such as earth observation and engineering science. The scope of the workshop includes designed of signal of opportunity, hardware and signal processing, and applications of reflectometry.

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Topics of interest include: Space signals used for reflectometry:

  • New wide spectrum GNSS signal (ALTBOC, others)
  • MBOC and BOC GNSS signals
  • GNSS signals transmitted by Geostationary satellites
  • LEO telecom constellation signals (Globalstar, Iridium, OFDM ?)
  • GEO telecom signals - Multifrequency processing
  • Reflecto link and error budgets
  • Impacts of the used modulation (PN codes ?)
  • Other types of signals used for reflectometry
  • Impact of the satellite coverage: global or local ?spots? (dyn.; static)

Sensing hardware and techniques near the ground or water, on board planes or satellites:

  • Impact of the ionosphere, impact of the surface state
  • State of the art of antennas for reflectometry (single or multibeams, stearing or fixed beam ?)
  • State of the art and prospects for GNSS receivers,telecom receivers ?
  • Bistatic transmitters (LEO constellations ?)
  • Planned missions
  • Radiometry/GNSS-R synergies
  • Simulators
  • Models
  • Data and users
  • Observability
  • Other hardware, software, techniques and analysis

Applications and Requirements:

  • agriculture: soil moisture measurements, etc. - observation of the fallen threes in forests - in-door or in-town reflectometry - sea-surface roughness observations - sea-level monitoring, tsunami observations - observation of coastal bands - ship detection - observation of ice and dry snow
Important deadline

Electronic submission of two pages (A4) abstract: 29 October 2010 - Extended deadline: 10 November 2010
Notification of acceptance: November 13, 2010

Scientific & Technical Committee
  • Alberto GARCIA-RODRIGUEZ (ESA - Madrid )
  • Bernard BONHOURE (CNES - Toulouse) (*)
  • Bertram ARBESSER-RASTBURG (ESA-ESTEC, TEC-EE, The Netherlands)
  • Christophe MACABIAU (ENAC - Toulouse) (*) Félix PEROSANZ (CNES - Toulouse) (*)
  • François SOULAT (Ste CLS - Toulouse) (*) Jean-Bernard CHOQUEL (ULCO - Calais) (*)
  • Jean-Luc ISSLER (CNES -Toulouse) (*)
  • Laurent LESTARQUIT (CNES - Toulouse)
  • Lionel RIES (CNES - Toulouse) (*)
  • Mohamed SAHMOUDI (ISAE, Toulouse)
  • René GARELLO (ENST Bretagne/GET, Brest)
  • Serge REBOUL (ULCO - Calais) (*)
  • Thierry CHONAVEL (Telecom Bretagne, Brest)
  • Didier MASSONET (CNES - Toulouse)