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Call for Participation: The Emotional Impact of Movies Task at MediaEval 2018

20 Juin 2018

Catégorie : Compétitions et challenges

Dear colleague,

We are very pleased to invite you to participate to The Emotional Impact of Movies Task at MediaEval 2018.

This task is proposed to offer researchers a place to compare their approaches for the prediction of the emotional impact of movies. We are focusing on felt emotion, i.e., the actual emotion of the viewer when watching the video. The emotion is considered in terms of valence (from most negative to most positive), arousal (from calmest to most active emotions) and fear. Two scenarios are proposed as subtasks. In both cases, long movies are considered:

  1. Valence/Arousal prediction: participants’ systems are expected to predict a score of induced valence (negative-positive) and induced arousal (calm-excited) continuously (every second) along movies;
  2. Fear prediction: the purpose here is to predict beginning and ending times of sequences inducing fear in movies. The targeted use case is the prediction of frightening scenes to help systems protecting children from potentially harmful video content.

You will find further information at:

If you would like to participate, please register at:

Task results will be presented at the MediaEval 2018 Workshop, 29-31 October 2018 near Nice, France. The workshop requires a separate registration. More information on the workshop will be posted to during the course of the summer.

The first data release has taken place on 15 June. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to having you aboard The Emotional Impact of Movies Task at MediaEval 2018.

About MediaEval:

MediaEval (Benchmarking Initiative for Multimedia Evaluation) offers shared-tasks to the multimedia research community involving images, text, video, and audio/music. The tasks address cutting-edge multimedia challenges (multimedia retrieval, analysis, access and exploration) with a clear human or social aspect. Our larger aim is to promote reproducible research that makes multimedia a positive force for society. Further information is available at:

Best regards,
On behalf of the organizing team for the Emotional Impact of Movies task,

Emmanuel Dellandréa.