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Special issue revue SENSORS

27 Mars 2019

Catégorie : Revues

Je vous transmets une annonce pour une special issue dans le revue SENSORS sur la thématique "Sensor Data Fusion for Autonomous and Connected Driving"

Dear Colleagues,
This Special Issue will provide an overview of the recent
research related to sensor and data fusion, information
processing and merging, and fusion architecture for the
cooperative perception and risk assessment needed for
autonomous mobility means. Indeed, prior to ensuring a
high level of safety in the deployment of autonomous
driving applications, it is necessary to guarantee highquality
and real-time perception mechanisms. Therefore,
research contributions concerning new automotive
sensors, AI for semantic information generation and safe
operation are welcome.
Keywords: sensor data fusion; information processing;
cooperative perception; fusion for connected vehicles;
autonomous driving; fusion architecture; smart sensors; AI
for semantic information