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ISBI'11 conference - "wavelets and *MRI/EEG/MEG data analysis"

3 Novembre 2010

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

Special session to the upcoming ISBI'11 conference (

Dear colleagues,

Apologies for multiple postings due to ISBI deadline extension. Please forward this email to anyone who could be interested in joining us.

Together with Dimitri van de Ville, we are planning to organize a special session to the upcoming ISBI'11 conference (, which will take place at Chicago in Spring 2011. This session will deal with "wavelets and *MRI/EEG/MEG data analysis" with a special emphasis to brain imaging but not necessarily restricted to it. Here, the goal is to explore the advantages and specificity of wavelets as a mathematical tool to solve inverse problems in medical imaging, which can operate either in the temporal or spatial domain. Here, by *MRI we want to outline the versatility of this imaging modality and cover functional MRI but also diffusion-weighted MRI or anatomical MRI.

Typical expected contributions will cover the following research lines :

  • denoising and filtering in EEG/MEG (TEMPORAL)
  • Wavelet based regularization in functional MRI for brain activation detection (SPATIAL)
  • Wavelet based regularization in source reconstruction in EEG/MEG (SPATIAL)
  • Scale invariance analysis using temporal wavelets eg for the analysis of resting state networks (TEMPORAL)
  • Wavelet based parallel MRI reconstruction (SPATIAL)
  • Wavelets and diffusion-weighted imaging (DTI, Qball imaging)
  • ...

The deadline has been pushed forward  (November, 10), please reply to this email as soon as possible to tell us whether you plan to attend this conference and potentially this special session. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Philippe Ciuciu

CIUCIU Philippe, PhD
CEA, Neurospin
Bâtiment 145, Point Courrier 156
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette cedex, France
Phone/Fax: 33 1 6908 7785/7980