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PhD Position (Cifre): Self-organization and real-time reconfigurability of collaborative multi-robotic systems

18 Mai 2021

Catégorie : Doctorant

A PhD position is proposed by the XLIM research institute (UMR CNRS 7252) and awarded by Extia research and development. He/She is intended to join a team of researchers and developers and to undertake jointly work to advance the state-of-the-art in design and control of ubiquitous smart collective systems. The PhD is supported by CIFRE program (industrial research agreement) that is a partnership between a French company, a laboratory and a graduate.

PhD Subject and objectives :

The PhD thesis aims to address new paradigms of self-organizing robotic systems to meet the challenges of adaptability, resilience and agility. Strong emphasis will be placed on task and perception oriented strategies to achieve dynamic and real-time reconfigurability in dynamic and disturbed environments. The target applications concern mainly decentralized and distributed environment monitoring and autonomous self-docking. A proof-of-concept platform will be used to demonstrate the efficiency of the control strategies in various scenarios and situations.

Environment perception, task-based reconfiguration and consensus-based navigation involve multiple scientific and technological challenges that will be addressed at different levels in this study:Perception-based localization of decentralized systems; Real-time coordination of heterogeneous systems; Collective trajectory planing and navigation in dynamic environments; Fleet coordination and task-oriented formation in highly disturbed and dynamic environments and Robustness to various environmental and parametric uncertainties

M.Sc. degree or equivalent in computer science, robotics, perception and control (or related fields)
Good qualities of mathematical formalization with a strong interest for robotics experimentation
Good experience in C/C++, Matlab/Simulink
Experience with ROS, robotic simulation environments will also be appreciated
Good communication skills, methodological rigor, as well as high-level writtenand oral communication in French and English
Scientific curiosity, high autonomy, ability of teamworking and to work independently
Interested candidates are requested to apply via the Application Form:
XLIM institute, REMIX team: Prof. Ouiddad LABBANI-IGBIDA -