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ACM Multimedia 2021 workshop "Trustworthy AI for Multimedia Computing"

15 Juillet 2021

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

Appel à contributions pour le workshop "Trustworthy AI for Multimedia Computing” d’ACM Multimedia.

N'hésitez pas à diffuser largement cet appel à contributions et à soumettre des articles !


In this workshop, we aim to address the trustworthy issues of Multimedia Computing.

We aim to bring together researchers in the Trustworthy aspect of Multimedia Computing and facilitate the discussions of injecting trusts into multimedia computing to develop trustworthy techniques, which are reliable and acceptable to researchers and practitioners.

Our scope is at the conjunction of Multimedia and trustworthy AI, including Explainability, Robustness & Safety, Data Privacy, Accountability & Transparency, and Fairness.

We believe the workshop will offer a timely collection of research updates to benefit the people working in the broad fields ranging from multimedia, computer vision to machine learning. To this end, we solicit original research and survey papers addressing the topics listed below (but not limited to):
• Interpretable AI methods for Multimedia Computing
• Robustness of Multimedia Computing
• Security/safety and privacy in Multimedia processing
• Fairness and ethics in Multimedia Computing
• Datasets and evaluation metrics for Trustworthy Multimedia computing
• Theories of interpretable Multimedia models
• Visualization for Multimedia Computing models
• Causality reasoning and learning in Multimedia Computing
• Applications of trustworthy AI for Multimedia, e.g. in medical diagnosis, autonomous driving, defense applications

Important dates
• Paper submission: July 30, 2021, 23:59 anywhere on earth
• Author Notification: August 26, 2021
• Camera-Ready: September 2, 2021
• Workshop: October 20, 2021 (tentative)

More information: