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High-Dimensional Data Analysis

26 Juillet 2021

Catégorie : Journée d étude

The analysis of high-dimensional data sets is now ubiquitous in many applications and blends tools from probability theory, machine learning, geometry, graph theory, statistics and optimization.The objective of this two-day event is to gather researchers from differen tbackground sto explore recent advance sin this field and to stimulate discussions. Special attention will be given to young researchers who are encouraged to participate with an introductory lecture on the first day and dedicated funding for their travel and accommodation.


A two-day thematic event on High-Dimensional Data Analysis will be held at Marseille, St Charles (France) from Thursday, October 21 to Friday, October 22.

The event is organized in two parts:
Participants will be able to attend both physically and virtually.
The registration is free but mandatory.

Young researchers are encouraged to participate with dedicated funding for their travel and accommodation (to be requested at registration).

For further details and up-to-date information please follow: