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Postdoc Position - Image-based surgical gesture guidance at LIRMM-Montpellier

10 Novembre 2021

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

A post-doctoral position is available on an exciting translational project focused on performing image-based gesture guidance for auditory neuroprosthestics implantation.

The ultimate goal is to combine intra-operative ultrasound (US) imaging with pre-operative CT imaging to enhance the visualization of cochlear structures and help cochlear electrode arrays’ insertion. To this aim, a new US-probe dedicated to cochlear navigation has been developed. The scientific objectives of this position is to develop 3D-US image reconstruction tools and to propose a new algorithm for US/CT image co-registration dedicated to the developed probe for cochlear imaging.

The opportunity to translate research from the lab-bench to the clinic is a primary goal within this work and involves an extensive collaboration between the ENT department of Montpellier Hospital and the LIRMM Lab. - University of Montpellier - France.


The position is for a post-doctoral research associate who has received a doctoral degree in medical Image processing or related disciplines with expertise in image-guided surgery, visualization and display, computer vision, registration and image processing, co-registeration of ultrasonography and CT, numerical analysis, and/or three-dimensional digitization instrumentation.

We are looking for candidates with strong analytical background and hands-on experience in systems integration and medical image processing.
Previous experience in image-guided surgery instrumentation and visualization of data is highly appreciated.

The recruited candidate will be expected to:
- develop a new algorithm for US/CT image co-registration for cochlear imaging,
- create software designs for the surgical navigation and real-time rendering of co-registerd US-CT imaging,
- validate the developments on ex-vivo experimental platforms and on cadavers.
- work within the operating room environment.

The skill sets for this project require experience with programming languages and programming environments: C++, Insight Toolkit (ITK) and Visualization ToolKit are essential. Experience in LINUX/UNIX and scripting languages preferably Python are also essential. Good writing and communication skills are also required.

Salary: Montpellier University grid – according to CV (1800€ - 2300€ Net salary)

Contract duration: 12 months (renewable)

Expected starting date: Immediate

Close Date: Until filled

Laboratory / Team: LIRMM Lab., Robotics department, Dexter team, medical robotics group

Please send your CV, a cover letter, and 2 references to the below email address. and

Nabil Zemiti, PhD