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Postdoc: Eye Tracking and artificial intelligence

27 Janvier 2022

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Postdoc: Eye Tracking and artificial intelligence



Postdoc topic: Eye Tracking project



Keywords: Eye Tracker, Point of gaze tracking, Pattern Recognition

Starting date: as soon as possible

Duration: 1 year


Summary of the project:

The DynACEV – Eye Tracking project is co-funded by the French National Agency of Research (ANR) and the Regional Council of Normandy. It combines knowledge and methodologies in the human movement sciences, computer sciences and applied mathematics. The primary aim is to investigate visual-motor skill acquisition in climbing task during a learning protocol where various performance contexts are tested: constant practice, variable practice where the rate of novelty is imposed by the experimenter and variable practice where the rate of novelty is chosen by the participant. During this protocol, we particularly focus on studying how vision guides action by tracking and mapping the visual fixation, the hip trajectory and the hands and feet location into the climbing wall plan.

The objective of the work is to track the spatiotemporal coordinates of the point of gaze of a climber and to analyse the scan path of his/her visual intake during ascension on an artificial climbing wall. The data are already collected and correspond to:

- Eye tracking information from Tobii eye tracker system; it provided video of the local scene and visual fixation, saccade, pursuit, etc. We also record additional colored markers that we put on the wall to enrich the number of areas of interest in order to better recognize the local scene.

- Location and time of contact of the hands and feet (through instrumented holds)

- External video of the climbing wall from a calibrated monoscopic camera

- 2D external video (from GoPro5) of the climber (especially the hip trajectory, projected on the wall plan)


Required skills:

The required skills can be a subset of the following topics:

- Pattern recognition

- Image processing

- Deep Learning


The candidate is requested to have a PhD in Image and/or Signal processing. An important knowledge of programming languages Python or C is primordial.


How to apply:

Please, send:

- A full detailled CV including a complete list of publications

- A motivation letter

- Any document that could justify the quality of the application

to: and