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PhD position - Orange - Evolution of multi-antenna techniques in the future 6G frequency bands

22 Mars 2022

Catégorie : Doctorant


The 6G is the next generation of mobile networks under study, that should allow the development of demanding use cases in terms of data rates, coverage and energy efficiency.

Among the new possible technological bricks, multi-antenna techniques can decisively improve the quality of the transmitted signals. The base stations and mobile equipments will include a very large number of antennas, which offers numerous possibilities : MIMO, radiating patterns, beamforming... One of the major challenges is then to determine the multi-antenna techniques best suited to the different 6G frequency bands and deployments. In particular, distributed MIMO techniques represent a very promising line of research. These subjects are being explored within European projects (Hexa-X), in order to anticipate the 6G standardization.

The objective of the PhD is to propose innovative multi-antenna techniques, scalable and adapted to the different 6G frequency bands (sub-6GHz, millimeter-waves, sub-THz and THz). To that end, the propagation channels characteristics will be analyzed in the different frequency bands, and the hardware constraints (antenna sizes, radiating patterns, etc.) will be taken into account in order to obtain realistic evaluations. Multi-antennas solutions will be proposed, and the performance will be evaluated thanks to simulations, including the whole 6G physical layer and suitable channel models.


You have a good knowledge of the PHY layer of cellular systems, antenna arrays and/or radio propagation channels. Fluency in English is essential (technical English). The main required personal qualities are motivation, curiosity, and autonomy.

An engineering degree and/or Master of science degree is required. An internship or experience in the field of cellular systems is desired.


Within Orange Innovation dept., you will contribute to technological breakthroughs and new use cases. You will join a research team at the leading edge of innovation and expertise on future networks, very active in European research projects on 5G/6G. You will be involved in the main research projects in Orange, in an international context, with strong strategic challenges. You will be fully integrated in our research teams, and will benefit from a very favorable environment for the development of new concepts. Your work will be highlighted by scientific publications, and integrated into our research programs.


CVs and letters must be sent via website


Start date : from 01/10/2022

Site : Orange - site Atalante, 4 rue du Clos Courtel - Cesson-Sévigné, France

Supervisor : Marie LE BOT (