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RF Antenna Engineer Internship – M/F – Huawei Paris Research Center

5 Mai 2022

Catégorie : Stagiaire


Founded in 1987, Huawei is one of the world's leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices with currently supply 45 of the world's top 50 carriers as well as more than one billion users worldwide. Our employees, spread over 5 continents, develop innovative products, services and solutions.

At Huawei, we see it as our primary mission to create long-term value for our customers. We offer you a position of responsibility as well as the opportunity to evolve with a dynamic company in strong growth.


Among many innovative technological developments, Huawei's Home Network research team designs novel wideband indoor communication solutions distributed to the rooms. Those require low-profile beam-steering antennas to provide robust wireless coverage adaptive to change of users numbers and locations. RF smart-beams scanning function additionally improves the accuracy of intelligent roaming, interference source scanning, and Wi-Fi positioning. With the emerging need for additional spectrums, such communication systems should be very selective in frequency withal, in order to avoid interference between different standards. In this case, the multi-band antenna serves also as a sharp filter suppressing specific coexisting frequencies. The Internship will be in Huawei Paris for a duration of four to six months. It may combine with Master's thesis if needed. Within internship the research will be carried out on novel beam-forming and/or filter antennas to discover state of the art and then to design and potentially prototype antenna systems for to-the-room home network products. Antenna and RF circuit simulation and design together with prototype measurements can be envisaged for the internship, with facility supports from university and Huawei.


Study the state of the art on relative Antenna technologies.

Identify the spectrum coexistence and required filter specifications

Assist in development of innovative antenna system solutions, with simulations design using available EM solvers. It can possibly extend to PCB layout and RF integration.

Develop antenna test plan and follow its qualifications process with external test houses.

Validation assessments and re-design to demonstrate the target performance.

Due to innovative nature of the internship, publications in IEEE conferences or journals are encouraged and supported with review and approval from Huawei side in advance.



Eager to learn new technologies in the field of Telecom and Optics Antennas, Electromagnetics, and RF theories are essential

EM simulation experience with any solver such as CST, HFSS is recommended

Hands on antenna prototype and testing is a bonus

English proficiency is a must. Chinese or French is bonus.


To apply this position, please send us a complete resume in English ( incl. cover letter ) by email to: