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Machine learning for robust satellite AIS receivers

17 Mai 2022

Catégorie : Doctorant

Machine learning for robust satellite AIS receivers in dense maritime traffic areas

Expected start: Autumn 2022
Location: Dpt. MEE - IMT Atlantique, UMR CNRS 6285 Lab-STICC
Partners: Kinéis, CNES, TéSA
Funding: Kinéis, ARED Bretagne
Student profile: Engineering school degree / M2 degree in signal processing
Detailed application to be send to and


Global coverage of low Earth orbit satellite constellations combined to launch of nanosatellite constellations dedicated to IoT communications including AIS promise new services in the context of dense maritime traffic (observation, security...). The satellite AIS detection is however challenging (interference, Doppler,...). The main PhD purpose is to tackle this problem with the help of classification and detection techniques including machine learning methods which seem appropriate to this specific context.

Detailed description can be found here: