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The 1st Intl. Workshop on Secure Wireless Networks

11 Septembre 2010

Catégorie : Conférence internationale

The SECURENETS (the 1st Inl. Workshop on Secure Wireless Networks) workshop will take place on May 20Th 2011 in Paris, France.


The issues of privacy and security in wireless communication networks have taken on an increasingly important role as these networks continue to flourish worldwide. Traditionally, security is viewed as an independent feature addressed above the physical-layer and all widely used cryptographic protocols are designed and implemented assuming the physical-layer has already been established and provides an error free link. Therefore, there has been a recent attention on studying the fundamental ability of the physical-layer to provide secure wireless communications.

Physical-layer security is an emerging research area that explores the possibility of achieving perfect-secrecy data transmission among intended network nodes, while possible malicious nodes that eavesdrop the communication obtain zero information. The breakthrough concept behind wireless physical-layer security is to exploit the characteristics of the wireless channel for improving the reliability of wireless transmissions The objective of the workshop is to stimulate interest for research in practical and theoretical aspects of physical-Layer security.

The workshop will include one keynote lecture and a panel discussion to understand the applicability of the techniques in future wireless systems.

Previously unpublished contributions on advanced coding, communication and signal processing techniques to secure wireless communications are solicited, including (but not limited to):

  • Opportunistic secrecy
  • The wiretap channel with feedback
  • Authentication over the wiretap channel • Information theoretic secrecy of fading channels
  • Secrecy through public discussion
  • Wireless key distribution
  • Multi-user channels with secrecy constraints
  • MIMO wiretap channels
  • Relay-eavesdropper channel
  • Scheduling for secure communications
  • Game theoretic approaches for secrecy
  • Codes for secure transmission
  • Secure compression
  • Cognitive approaches for secrecy

Submitted papers should be of sufficient length and detail for review by experts in the field.Final papers will be limited to 10 pages, double column in the ACM conference format.


Author guidelines are available at