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Intership offer in all-in-one deep scene understanding

8 December 2022

Catégorie : Stagiaire


Self-supervised learning all-in-one model for Object 6D pose estimation through Transformer

In this project, we will study the accuracy of state of the art learning-based 6D pose estimation methods for manipulating objects, in particular fruits. We are focusing on the paradigm of self-supervised learning paradigm, e.g., Transformer, to develop an all-in-one model for object detection, instance segmentation and their pose estimation, for the purpose of deep scene understanding and object manipulation.

Contact: Associate Prof. Emmanuel Dellandrea (, Prof.Liming Chen ( )


Interested candidates at M2 level with excellent academic records should drop an email with CV and transcript.


  1. Strong background in computer vision, machine learning and mathematics

  2. Strong programming skills in C++ and python

  3. Fluency in English

  4. transcripts of your current academic cursus

Project duration: 6 months starting preferably in February 2023

Location: Campus Ecole Centrale de Lyon