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Thesis : Modeling temporal, rhythmic and social synchronization with spike neural networks

16 December 2022

Catégorie : Doctorant

A 3-year fully funded PhD scholarship is proposed by the PhD school (ED I2S) in Alès / Montpellier within the ANR MODPULS project.

The successful applicant will become part of a dynamic research environment within the newly multidisciplinary joint research centerEuroMovDigital Health in Motion.

Seethis offer on the EuroMov D.H.M website:

Start date: October 1st, 2023(to September 2027).


Project summary

The temporality of information is crucial to our understanding of the world. Synchronization between different events guides our perception and our actions in many tasks. For example, speech understanding is improved by lip-reading in a context of synchronization between visual and sound perception. In the field of artificial intelligence, spike neural networks offer a paradigm inspired by the functioning of the human brain, which is based on the synchronization between neuronal impulses. These neural networks are likely to be more efficient than the classical neural networks used in the field of machine learning, and less costly in terms of hardware. They also offer new possibilities for processing temporal data and analyzing synchronizations.

The MODPULS project aims at studying the possibilities and the limits of the use of spike neural networks for the analysis of temporal data related to synchronization, rhythm, and human movement.Througha set of temporal and rhythmic data of different natures and complexities, combining audio, video and human motion data, you will have toimplements synchronizationtaskswith spike neural networks.The fine analysis ofsynchronization mechanismsopensthe field to numerous applications, notably in the human scienceswith musicalpractice,but also in the medical field through the therapeutic analysis of social synchronizations.