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Topological data analysis on brain networks for dynamic connectivity analysis

20 December 2022

Catégorie : Stagiaire

M2 internship subject


Period : March 2023 - August 2023
Title Topological data analysis on brain networksfor dynamic connectivity analysis during tasks
Mira RIZKALLAH, Associate professor, École Centrale de Nantes
Maria SARKIS, PHD student, École Centrale de Nantes
Aurélien VAN LANGHENHOVE, Engineer, CHU de Nantes
Context, objectives and expected developments:
The brain is an extraordinarily complex system that facilitates the optimal integration of information from different regions to execute its functions. With the recent advances in imaging technology, researchers are now able to collect enormous amounts of data from the brain using neuroimaging at different scales and from numerous modalities such as (EEG, fMRI ...). An EEG-based brain computer interface (BCI) is a system for translating EEG signals directly into commands for a computerized system. Sophisticated tools for analysis are needed to decode brain signals. Recently, Topological Data Analysis (TDA) [1] has gained an increased attention as a new framework providing a set of metrics that go beyond pairwise connections and offer an improved robustness against noise.
The TDA framework is mathematically precise, but in practice it is simple, both algorithmically and computationally. This enables the design of new machine learning algorithms suitable for an actual operation of a BCI under adverse conditions.
In this project, the student will work on three main aspects:
  • Understanding the basic concepts of the topological data analysis and how it can be applied in the context of brain connectivity analysis.
  • Computing connectivity matrices (connectomes) from EEG multi-channel signals and functional MRIs using statistical coupling methods.
  • Implementing a machine learning pipeline in python based on TDA and evaluating its performance on a provided multi-modal dataset for a classification task (ex: [2]).
Interested candidates, please send a motivation letter, your CV and your academic transcript to the email below :
Tentative deadline of application : January 30th 2023.
Bibliographic references:
[1] Centeno, E. G. Z., Moreni, G., Vriend, C., Douw, L., & Santos, F. A. N. (2022). A hands-on tutorial on network and topological neuroscience. Brain Structure and Function, 227(3), 741-762.
[2] Mental workload estimation dataset.