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Opening of a PhD or Postdoc Position on Modelling Rigid and Deformable Objects for Robotic Manipulation

4 Janvier 2023

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

In this research project, we aim to develop computer vision models and simulation tools for deep understanding of the scene, and cover objectives:
- Rigid object detection, segmentation and tracking for grasp location predictions
- Deformable object modeling for robot grasping and manipulation

Despite uncountable number of potential applications enabled by such a robotic manipulation system, we will focus our attention on three use cases that we have been implementing through 4 research projects, namely 1) bin-picking widely required in logistics and industrial assembly line, 2) waste sorting for better waste recycling and environment protection, and 3) assistance systems for “stick-to-bed” patients or elders with limited physical ability in their daily life object manipulation tasks, e.g., fetching a bottle of water and pouring it into a glass. They are closely related to three ongoing research projects within the group, namely the 3-year LEARN-REAL project, the PSPC FAIR WASTES project and the CHIRON project.


Full details can be found here:

You have an excellent academic record! You are highly motivated for research in the field of machine learning, computer vision and robotics! Curiosity, open-mind, creativity, persistence, and collaborative-work ability are your personal skills, then apply for PhD or Postdoc positions with a short statement of research and detailed CV and join my research group to deal with cutting-edge research and application issues within the Liris lab at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, part of the elite of top 10 "Grande Écoles" in France offering access to excellent quality graduate and under-graduate students.