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PhD offer at NTNU

10 Janvier 2023

Catégorie : Doctorant

A three-year PhD position is available at the Department of Computer Science in Gjøvik.

This PhD position is devoted to the development of a new framework to guarantee a high quality of visual information in video communications between the paramedics on the field and doctors in the hospital.

The main objectives of this work will be focused on the introduction of a new real-time optimization solution for efficient perceptual quality evaluation and enhancement of the delivered video stream. The solutions which most likely be based on using different deep learning and machine learning techniques must integrate the constraints and specificities related to the medical context and more particularly the decision support with the maximum of reliable and relevant visual information.

This PhD project is in line with the state-of-the-art research performed at the Norwegian Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory.

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A three-year PhD position is available at the Department of Computer Science in Gjøvik.

The new Norwegian National health and hospital plan 2020-2023 (Nasjonal helse- og sykehusplan 2020-2023) states that state-of-the-art technology should be taken advantage of, and priorities should be taken to ensure sustainable and financially viable solutions fulfilling the core values of the Norwegian healthcare system. The plan emphasizes on the use of video communication and other state-of-the-art technologies to not only provide a better service to patients leading to earlier detection of diseases, earlier treatment, and recovery but also reducing the workload and financial costs in the medical sector.

To follow this long-term plan, pilot studies in Norway have focused on the use of live video communication between the paramedics and doctors at the hospital. Such a video communication in medical services between paramedics in the field and doctors at the hospital makes enhancing and optimizing the quality of the videos used in medical services and so video quality assessment which is required as a basis for video enhancement crucially important. In this project, to facilitate better pre-hospital decision support, we focus on the quality assessment and enhancement of video communication in medical services.