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Automatic Video Processing for Body Worn Camera

31 Juillet 2023

Catégorie : Ingénieur

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DUGELAY jean-Luc


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This work will be done in collaboration with UPNM (Malaysia). Some visits there are planned.



Sophia Antipolis, France.


Closing Date

Sept. 30, 2023



  • ·Education Level / Degree: Master
  • ·Field / specialty: Image processing / Computer Vision


The application must include:

  • ·Detailed curriculum,
  • ·Name and address of 2 references.

Applications should be submitted by e-mail to with the reference:


Body worn cameras (BWCs) have been more popular over the last decade. They are becoming one of the essential tools for law enforcement officers to carry with them for surveillance purposes.
There are several types of BWCs utilized by law enforcement across the world. Some are attached to the officer's helmet, while others are linked to the officer's jacket. Some record continuously, while others begin recording only when specific events occur.
Generally, videos captured by BWCs are used a posteriori in case of major problems between police officers and citizens controlled (reactive surveillance).
The main goal of this work is to develop video processing tools enabling proactive surveillance. Very limited studies exist in the domain. Because of the specificities of the BWCs, customized algorithms have to be designed and developed.
A list of key elements and challenges has to be investigated: Cameras; Datasets; Face recognition in adverse conditions; Facial expression; micro expressions and emotion; Gait.