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Deep Representations for Ultrasound Imaging

7 Septembre 2023

Catégorie : Post-doctorant

Postdoctoral/Research Engineer Position

Ultrasound is a medical imaging modality appreciated for being real-time, nonradiative, low-cost, and portable. However, typical B-mode ultrasound images are 2D and suffer from a limited field of view. One way to enlarge the field of view is by acquiring a sequence of 2D images while tracking the ultrasound probe and then fusing the acquisitions from multiple viewpoints. This process is known as 3D freehand ultrasound. Another approach is with a 3D probe at the cost of image quality loss.

The aim of this project is to explore the latest advances in 3D scene representation and generative models and adapt them to the principles of ultrasound acquisition. Thereby, we seek to improve the current 3D capabilities of ultrasound imaging. Example directions are [1,2]. The candidate will have access to already collected data and to an in-house acquisition system with different acquisition modes: B-mode, plane-wave, with 2D or 3D probes.

[1] Ultrasound Image Reconstruction with Denoising Diffusion Restoration Models. Yuxin Zhang, Clément Huneau, Jérôme Idier, Diana Mateus [DGM4MICCAI workshop@MICCAI 2023]

[2] Ultra-NeRF: Neural Radiance Fields for Ultrasound Imaging Magdalena Wysocki, Mohammad Farid Azampour, Christine Eilers, Benjamin Busam, Mehrdad Salehi, Nassir Navab [MIDL 2023]


Hosting environment

The position will be hosted by the laboratory of digital sciences of Nantes ("Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes: LS2N") and the Centrale Nantes University. The candidate will integrate the SIMS (, ) research team, expert in the conception of machine learning, signal processing and inverse problem methods to make sense of Signals, Images and Sounds.

"Regularly quoted in newspapers as being one of the nicest cities in France, Nantes is also renowned for being a rich, lively and innovative city. Its economic clout makes Nantes France's 3rd largest industrial city and 2nd most successful city in terms of employment growth.” (



-A PhD in computer vision, biomedical engineering, signal/image processing, or related fields.

-Excellent programming skills (e.g., in Python)

-Good written and spoken communication skills (English)

-Experiences in the following fields will be will be considered important plus:

  • Medical image analysis, in particular ultrasound imaging.
  • Deep learning.
  • Computer vision or signal and image processing.


Salary and duration

The position is for 12 months (renewable). Remuneration and social benefits are based on the collective wage agreement for public-sector employees at the national French level, considering previous years of experience. The team and the Lab promote and coach candidates for the national "Maitre de Conference" and Researcher positions.

How to apply: Send an e-mail to with your CV, publication list, motivation letter and the contact information of two references.