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PhD, PostDoc and Master positions in MIS Lab, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France

15 Novembre 2023

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Dear all,

The Robotic Perception (PR - team's project focuses on improving the autonomy of mobile devices (on the ground, in space, virtually) through artificial perception. The approach to contributing to this problem consists of designing original sensors and methods to exploit them (image processing, vision, localization and navigation algorithms). The PR team is involved in three projects (ANR CERBERE, ANR DEVIN, ANR/FWF EVELOC) where the aim is to develop new image processing and computer vision algorithms for event cameras in different robotics navigation tasks. Event-based sensors differ from conventional frame-based cameras in that they respond to brightness changes in a scene asynchronously and independently for every pixel, instead of synchronously recording information from a light-sensitive pixel array. The output of an event camera is then a stream of time-indexed events.


The PR team has then the following openings ( :

- A fully funded PhD research studentshipfunded by the ANR/FWF EVELOC project on Event camera localization in 3D point cloud for drones (ID : MIS-PR-PhD-2024-001).

- A two-year Post-Doc positionfunded by the ANR DEVIN project on Spherical fisheye event camera calibration and image processing development for localization and communication between robots (ID : MIS-PR-POST-2024-001).


Four M2 Master student internships:

- Experimental validation of an omnidirectional event-based visual gyroscope (ID : MIS-PR-M2-2024-001)

- Design and evaluation of a stereo omnidirectional event-based camera (ID : MIS-PR-M2-2024-002)

- Communication between drones based on event-based cameras and LEDs (ID : MIS-PR-M2-2024-003)

- Event-based 3D Reconstruction (ID : MIS-PR-M2-2024-004)


Please follow this link for complete information about the subjects, the requirements and how to apply (Application deadline : 15th December 2023)


Contact: MIS laboratory, équipe PR, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens, France

Supervisors: Fabio Morbidi, Pascal Vasseur,